Morristown in the News

There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Read all about student and faculty accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more. 

Firefighters Visit the Third Grade

Recently, we had a little critter “Scorpy, the scorpion” show up on campus. We made this opportunity very informational and brought in our fantastic neighbors, our local firefighters. The fire department came to help us in relocating Scorpy. This is a great example for parents to speak with their children about the great opportunities at school and to have clarification on what is appropriate and not appropriate to bring to school. When in doubt, always call to ask the teacher and/or the administration. Dr. Sackos wants to say, “Thanks Fire Department”.

Responding to Septic Issues

On the second day of school, we had to do an emergency shut down and early release, as we had some issues with a plugged sewer line. This problem forced the school to take immediate action in the notification of parents and to ensure every student arrived home safely. As a result, the school decided to take steps to bring in a septic discharge company to make sure all aspects of the sewer lines were working effectively. As a school, we are taking steps to become more efficient with preventative maintenance in the future. We are also working to get a phone notification system that will support mass phone calls to keep parents informed.

Mark Carter the Science Guy

The school hosted Mark Carter on September 4. Mr. Carter provided demonstrations to the students with aspects relating to science. This event was possible through the support of Maricopa County Library and by the efforts of Linda De Berge. Students were active and engaged with aspects pertaining to lava and volcanoes. This was a successful, fun, and educational event.

August Students Of The Month

August students of the month, Zander Forman and Riley SmithMorristown Elementary is proud to recognize its August students of the month. Both Riley Smith (grade 4) and Zander Forman (grade 8) have been standout students with their work habits, leadership, and involvment with school activities. Congratualtions, Riley and Zander!

Supply Lists

The 2018–2019 school supply lists are now available for K–8. Be sure to print them out and take them with you as you shop for all of your back-to-school items. We look forward to another great school year!

Important Letter for Wickenburg HS Parents

Please take a moment to read through an important letter addressed to the parents of Wickenburg High School students who utilize school transportation services. Feel free to contact Dr. Gregory Sackos at (623) 546.5102 with any questions. Thank you.