COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

Please check this page often with our most recent communications and updates regarding our district and the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Safe Return to Learn Plan

Please review Morristown Elementary School District's Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan which was updated in March 2022.

November 28, 2020 - Update from Superintendent

As you know, we have been closely monitoring the health metrics and recommendations provided by local, state, and national medical authorities in our decision-making processes. Since August 17, 2020, our opening date, we have focused on staff and student health and safety as the priorities for all of our choices. With the input of childcare experts and mental health data, we have done everything in our power and financial means to offer in-person and online learning, to meet the needs and concerns of all our families, teachers, and staff.

We invite you to read our November 28, 2020, superintendent update for more important information.

Pathway to Learn Plan for 2020–2021 School Year

Morristown Elementary School District Pathways to Learn Plan for 2020–2021 School Year

Goals of the return to learn plan:

  • Encourage student and staff health and safety
  • Build relationships and active partnerships with families
  • Provide quality learning environments for both in-person and online models
  • Personalize experiences to meet the unique needs of students and families

Please take the time to review the PowerPoint presented at the board meeting.

Return to learning for all students will be August 17, 2020. Morristown Elementary School District students and families will have options for learning. We are asking all families to please read the description for each learning pathway, fill out the form, and select the pathway that best fits your student’s needs and the needs of your family:

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