Morristown Mustangs

We are a school where student learning thrives and children feel good about the place they call their school. We believe that this is because of the incredible students that attend our school, the awesome staff who believe that relationships with students are key to optimal learning, and more importantly the incredible support of our families.


Morristown Elementary School serves over 100 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. We believe that the educational welfare of the children is paramount in the operation of the school. We are committed to providing experiences that will help the young people in our community live happily and productively as adult citizens. 

Our Curriculum

Our teachers are dedicated to making learning meaningful to each, individual student. The Morristown curriculum adheres to state standards and emphasizes literacy, achievement in mathematics and science, in-depth exposure to the arts, and experience with modern technology.

Visit these pages to learn more about Arizona’s state standards and assessments.

Additional Programs

In addition to our regular curriculum, our students receive unique learning opportunities through supplemental programs. Please visit our Programs page to learn more about what Morristown Elementary has to offer.

Fast Facts

Grades Served: K–8
Student Population: 125
School Colors: Blue & Gold
School Mascot: Mustangs


School Hours



8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.


All offices/schools are closed on Fridays.

Important Information

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We are Morristown Elementary School District, and our students are the pulse of this community. Our single-campus school district creates a peaceful, involved community, which we believe is the key to fostering a safe learning environment for our students. 

Morristown School Beginnings

The first school in Morristown was in a vacated saloon on the south side of the railroad and town. Leora Randall O’Brien, also known as Peggy, turned the saloon into a school in 1915. She and her family were early residents on the Hassayampa River. Peggy was determined that her children would be educated. When she approached the Wickenburg school superintendent, R. E. Crousa, she had fulfilled all of the necessary requirements to start the school with at least seven students. Jack O’Brien, Shade Hardee, and Harry Cox furnished the labor for the remodel. The county seat sent out Dixie Lacey as the first teacher. The first year, there were reportedly two Ortega brothers and two Champie children from the Champie Ranch at Desert Hot Springs in attendance.

The new school at the present location opened in 1927-28. Ena LaMar McGuire, who still resides in Morristown, was the sole graduate in 1928. Seven LaMar children, one grandchild, and Howard Lilly graduated from Morristown School and Wickenburg High School.

For a number of years, we had a one room schoolhouse and one teacher for all eight grades. Mrs. Golda Hardee and Mrs. Jess Hamilton were two of our early teachers. Mrs. Golda Hardee first taught in the years of 1918–21, and then later. Out of Morristown School we have had an attorney, a doctor, two nurses, several teachers, our own Head Teacher, and a former world Yo-Yo champion, Sam (Tex) Schultz. Our attendance has grown from seven students in 1915 to over 100 today.

Early student Ena McGuire, 1928 graduate
Arizona Republic article by James West, 06/09/91


Welcome to our district! We’re happy to have you here and look forward to meeting you. Whether you’re new to the area or have a child ready for preschool or kindergarten, you’ll need to complete the registration process. 

Registration Requirements

Visiting your child’s new school campus can help put jittery feelings at ease—both yours and your child’s! Stop by the school to turn in all necessary registration forms and documentation. When you come, please bring the following documentation:

-Child’s original birth certificate

-Immunization records

-Proof of residency

Immunization Requirements

We require all students enrolled in our schools to be immunized in accordance with state law. We will verify your child’s immunizations at the time of registration.

Arizona Immunization Requirements