Morristown Elementary School District

A Message from Our Superintendent

Morristown Elementary Parents and Stakeholders,

Our role as educators, along with the ultimate mission and vision of the district, is to ensure that our students are properly prepared for success as they move through life and into future academic endeavors.  

In December, The Arizona State Board of Education finalized its A–F school labels. Morristown Elementary School received a letter grade of a “D”. This is unacceptable, and the stakeholders are hard at work to improve on this performance. There are many good things surrounding the school such as creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for our students. Having small class sizes ensures a greater opportunity of involvement and the ability of our teachers to work directly with students. The continuous improvement of technology and the updating of curriculum. Regardless of all this, our job at Morristown is to ensure our students’ academic performance takes second to none. We have and continue to look at our academic programs to ensure we are accomplishing what we need to do.  

The district’s mission statement, To inspire a community of innovative lifelong learners who are respectful, responsible, and who aspire to success in their personal and educational transitions created by a learning environment which is centered around students, directed by teachers, and supported by home and community…, allows us to keep focused on our role as we support our students. 

We cannot change the results of our recent performance, but we can be proactive and assertive to address deficiencies and to build a stronger program. With everyone’s support, we will eventually attain the “A” label that we will be striving for.


    Superintendent Dr. Gregory T. SackosDr. Gregory T. Sackos

    Dr. Gregory T. Sackos