Our Administration & Staff

Our team of educators is completely committed to guiding our students toward success. Our teachers believe in a bright future for every student here at Morristown Elementary School, and they work tirelessly to help unlock that future. Please take a moment to become more acquainted with our talented administrative team, faculty, and staff. We welcome you to contact them with your questions or concerns.

The Morristown ELD 75 Governing Board entered into inter-governmental agreements with Nadaburg to provide leadership and other services; however, Morristown maintains its status as an independent district with a unique culture and history.

Morristown Elementary School District Superintendent

Image of Superintendent Dr. Angelou

Dr. Aspasia Angelou

Nadaburg Unified School District No. 81 

Morristown Elementary District No. 75

Morristown Elementary School District & Office

Image of Principal Dr. Jennifer Petty

Dr. Jennifer Petty


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Mrs. Patricia Simpson

Office Manager

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Mr. John Asimakopoulos
Director of Information Technology

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Ms. Nellie Odogui
Director of Maintenance and Operations

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Mrs. Kerre Laabs
Director of Business Services and Human Resources

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Mrs. Holly Diaz
Director of Educational Services

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Mr. Jim Springfield
Director of Transportation

Image of counselor Angie Cooper

Mrs. Angie Valerou-Cooper

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Mrs. Francesa Ayala



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Miss. Jade Simpson

Image of Mrs. Ruskin


Mrs. Laura Ruskin

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First Grade

Mrs. Caitlin Willard

Image of Ms. Sedano

Second Grade

Ms. Maria Sedano

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Third Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Medved-Abbott

Image of Ms. Perry

Fourth Grade

Ms. Lowanna Perry

Image of Mrs. Ross

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Ross

Image of sixth grade teacher Mr. Bruns

Sixth Grade

Mr. Christopher Bruns

Image of seventh grade teacher Mr. Bedolla

Seventh Grade

Mr. Xavier Bedolla

Image of eighth grade teacher Mr. Trad

Eighth Grade

Mrs. Laura Linderman

Image of ESS teacher Mr. Petty

Exceptional Student Services

Mr. Michael Petty

Instructional Staff

Image of Mrs. Messner

Mrs. Allison Messner


Image of paraprofessional Mrs. Hahn

Mrs. Robin Hanh


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Ms. Johnna Treacy


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Mrs. Becky Medina


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Mr. Ronald Runion


Support Staff

Image of food service manager Amy Potter

Mrs. Amy Potter

Food Service Director

Image of custodian Joseph Wagner

Mr. Joseph Wagner


Image of bus driver Faith Villa

Mrs. Faith Villa

Bus Driver

Image of Mustangs logo

Mr. Manny Medina