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Survey Results Are In!

The four-day school calendar survey results are in! Check out the results below:

Food Service Smart Snacks

With recent findings from the Arizona Department of Education Food Service audit, the school will be raising its smart snacks/ala carte costs. The new prices will be:

  • Chips - $0.75
  • Rice Krispies Treats™ - $1.00
  • All Drinks - $1.00
  • Cookies - $0.50

School Safety Grant Bringing a Full Time Counselor to the School

The school applied for the Arizona Department of Education’s School Safety Grant. This grant provided an opportunity for the school to identify an area of need surrounding the position of a resource officer, counselor, and/or social worker. Understanding the need to support students with social and emotional endeavors, as well as academic guidance, the school identified a need for a school counselor. The State Board of Education notified Morristown Elementary that they are receiving funding for a school counselor for three years. As this position develops, it will have potential for incredible results as it will support students, families, community, and our teachers. We hope to have this position in place as we start the school year.