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Governor Announces School Start Date

Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, and Staff,

Please note that our start date has been pushed back to August 17, 2020, according to Governor Ducey's executive order.

In-person learning will not open until August 17, 2020. We are collecting feedback from parents, teachers, and staff to formulate the best options for keeping our school community safe and healthy when we reopen in the fall.

Thank you for taking some time to give us feedback on your concerns and preferences.

Governor Ducey & Superintendent Hoffman Announcement

Dear Morristown School Community:

Today, June 24, Governor Ducey and Superintendent Hoffman announced that additional support, flexibility, and funding will be provided to schools for fall plans. This will allow us to ensure that students and staff are safe and healthy when we return to school in the fall of 2020. We have been gathering feedback from our parents and families to help inform our plans, while also awaiting guidance from our health and government officials.

If you have not given feedback via the survey for parents and families, please do so at your convenience. Please visit the SurveyMonkey parent/guardian survey. An updated staff survey is forthcoming.

Please see the full announcement and executive order from Governor Ducey and Superintendent Hoffman.

Student, staff, and community safety and health are our first priority as we move forward with planning; however, we are also cognizant of the importance of our students’ social, emotional, and academic growth.

Thank you,

Dr. Aspasia Angelou
Morristown Elementary School District No. 75
Nadaburg Unified School District No. 81
office: (623) 388-2121

Course of Education in the Coming Year
QR Code for survey

Dear parents/guardians, we need your input. Please read the parent survey letter from our Superintendent, Dr. Aspasia Angelou, and then comment via SurveyMonkey on the Morristown Elementary School District Family Survey May 2020. Your input is important to help guide decisions about the course of education provided to your children in the coming year. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Nonresident Student Application for Enrollment

Do you have an out-of-district child that will be applying and returning to our school next year? If so, please take a moment to read our out-of-district letter and fill out our nonresident student application form. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!